About Our Shop



Rosmarino Candles is a one-woman operation located in Bloomington, Indiana. Rachel started making candles for fun several years ago, and one night she had too much wine and decided to start selling them...and here we are. Rosmarino Candles focuses on

  • captivating scents

  • simple ingredients

  • beautiful containers

  • high quality shit.

Things we care about:

  • Sustainability: 100% soy wax, no additives, paraben free, no phthalates, no plastic bottles, minimal water usage in candle production.

  • Inclusivity: a lot of candle companies gender their scents, and Rosmarino Candles thinks that's bullshit. All bodies can enjoy any of these candles no matter their identity size shape color or ability.

  • Artisan Quality: all candles are melted, mixed, and poured in small batches. while they may vary slightly from candle to candle, they are all high quality.

Pictured: Chief Snuggle Officer, Lilly, and Some Test Candles.

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