Blood Orange Diffuser

Blood Orange Diffuser



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Diffusers are a great flame-less candle alternative. They constantly give off a scent, making them great for bathrooms, entryways, or by a trash can. They work well in any room that you want constantly scented with a mellow and beautiful scent. Comes in a ready to use glass jar.

[detailed description: 10 beige reeds, 9 inches long. clear "boston round" style jar, 4.5 inches tall, body of the jar is 2.75 inches in diameter. opening of jar is .75 inch diameter, the jar narrows in the top 1.5 inches. jar comes unmarked. comes in a kraft (brown) box. an optional cream faux leather slip is included, to be used around opening of the jar]

To use, take off cap from the jar and discard. Insert as many reeds as you desire (the more you use, the stronger the scent is - use all reeds for larger rooms, and 5-7 reeds for bathrooms or rooms of a smaller size). After 30 minutes, flip reeds. Put decorative leather slip over reeds and around top of jar if desired. Flip every 1-2 weeks, when you notice the smell fades. 

These 3.5 oz diffusers last for about 3 months.