Black Tea

tea leaves, honey, bergamot

The smell of that freshly brewed tea that you forgot about in your kitchen for the 20th time, with a hint of milk and honey for added sweetness.

Blood Orange

orange, bergamot, grapefruit

“Holy $h!t this smells like I could actually take a bite of it.” - actual customer feedback

fancy shampoo

citrus, cedar, musk

the smell of walking into a salon and the sweet scent that lingers in your hair for days after.


lavender, bergamot, cedar

“a lavender candle that doesn’t smell like soap tastes, it just smells like lavender.” - actual customer feedback


lemon, cream, zest

imagine sticking your nose inside a lemon pound cake. this fresh citrus scent masks a variety of gnarly smells.


champagne, orange juice, floral

brunch! seriously, it smells like a mimosa.

mountain air

pine, eucalyptus, cypress

A year-round pine candle. the smell of pine needles in cold crisp air is followed by fresh eucalyptus and a deep forest of greenery.

oakmoss & amber

oakmoss, sandalwood, amber

A staple for most candle lines, this is a classic blend of the best of the best of scents. and it’s the best seller!

orchid & Sea Salt

salt water, jasmine, woods

“this candle makes me feel rich!” - actual customer feedback

patchouli amber

patchouli, amber, musk

elegant and musky, this candle is versatile. great for when you’re hosting a party, in the bathtub, at dinner, or under a nice blanket.


rosemary, thyme, spearmint

an herb garden, pure and simple. our namesake!

sexy time.

amber, plum, ozone

“why do you call it. … (smells candle) …. oh….. ok i get it.” - actual customer feedback


succulent, agave, fresh cut grass

“shoot, that’s fresh.” - actual customer feedback


driftwood, ginger, floral

another candle line staple, this blend of spice and wood is an up and coming best seller. this complex candle has a lot to discover.

tobacco & vanilla

tobacco, vanilla, coriander

“eew tobacco?? (smells candle) oh wait that smells amazing. it’s not cigarette, it’s tobacco leaf!” - actual customer feedback