Wood wicks are a bit different than a traditional cotton wick- they burn longer, cleaner, and create a charming crackling sound. But, they do require a bit of extra care at the beginning. 


Most wood wick problems come from having too long of a wick. Unlike cotton wick candles that should be trimmed to 1/4", wood wicks need to be trimmed to 1/8" or less prior to burning. The shorter the wick, the better the flame. If the wick is too long, it won't pull the wax and will extinguish quickly. 



Step 1: Light the wick. The flame will be large, then quickly diminish to nothing as the wood wick sticking out of the wax will quickly burn up.


Step 2: Relight the candle as often as necessary until you have a smoldering wick. Let it extinguish on its own.


Step 3: remove the charred wick with your hands or paper towel. If you knock the charred wick into the candle, the wax will change color.


Step 4: Make sure your wood wick looks like this before each time you light it.